Welcome to Year 5


Your teacher is: Miss Warren

Your teaching assisstant is: Mrs Twidle


Things to remember in Year 5

Our PE day is a Tuesday, but please bring your kit in on a monday and leave in school until Friday.

We have swimming on a Friday, you must remember your swimming kits each week.

We must read at least 3 times per week at home with an adult, don't forget to get an adult to sign your homework diaries. These are checked every week.

We must practice our times tables at least 3 times per week at home. 




A bug, a creepy-crawly, a beast! He'll tickle your skin then go in for the sting!


This half term Year 5 will be working on a Science focused learning project, there will be lots of discoveries to be made.

Arachnids, invertebrates. molluscs and myriapods, hiding in nooks and beneath darkened rocks... Come search for these minibeasts. and let's sort them out! How many legs? How many wings? Who does it eat and who eats it?

We will learn to classify it, draw it .. and make it!!!


Home Learning


WOW! We have had some amazing pieces of home learning already this half term!

Oakley set off a trend by baking some goodies and decorating them with minibeasts. We all agree they tasted amazing!


Here are some pieces of edible homework from: Oakley, Seb, Calum G, Toby, Emily and Jodie.

We bet there will be more to follow.







"We are artists"

In computing we are developing our artistic skills. We are looking specifically at tessellations - Year 5, why don't you tell your parents the three regular shapes that will tessellate perfectly with themselves?


We have enjoyed looking at artists such as MC Escher and Bridget Riley.

Keep checking for some of our patterns to be uploaded!


Why not download a copy of Inkscape to your laptop / computers at home? (I don't think it works on an iPad but I will check to see if there are similar apps for you to download free of charge!)



Mystery Stories

Within the last two weeks of term we have been looking at Mystery Stories during our English lessons. We had great fun acting out the story Miss Warren had written for us, and some of us found it a bit spooky.

Here are some snippets of the stories we have written.

"It all seems too real and ouch! I’m definitely not dreaming... I’m scared, I’m petrified I have to look at my arm; it is stinging there is a huge lump on my arm! Hang on a second I can see a snake and where has the beast gone? Oh gosh now I am horrified! I’m looking around I cannot even see a bit of a thing. Maybe that funny-looking snake over there has bitten me. I feel faint... BANG! What? Where am I? I’m still here? Youch! My arm, what has happened to my wonderful arm? It’s... gone ... its disappeared! What has that snake done to me! Howard Carter will be furious with me! What am I going to tell him? I can’t just lie and then he comes looking for a tomb and the beast gets him and what will he say about my right arm? I’m going to give that snake a dose of his own medicine where is he?"

Summer Foster - Year 5

"Ouch, I’m definitely not dreaming!

 Suddenly I felt a scaley snake crawl up my back, and bite my hand.

I fainted for 2 hours, but when I got up the snake was gone, it was all a mystery. I put my hand into my pocket but my gold wasn’t there, somebody had taken it while I was in a deep sleep. 

 I got up but stepped on a stone, then, suddenly, I fell down a hole. I landed in some mucky and dirty sand.  There were lots of tunnels but I didn’t know which tunnel to pick.  I heard a noise, which frightened me, so I ran into a tunnel and then I banged my head.  I banged my head on a gigantic wall.  I tried carefully to climb back up, but there was no way out.   I yelled “I want to go home!”  I was scared but I wouldn’t give up …….."

Emily Rothwell - Year 5

"As the moment of being on the verge of life and death passed by, I got sucked into the purple abyss of doom... and survived! I was really annoyed, so annoyed, I wanted to curl up and rot in a pit of smoking hot lava! As I lied there on the cold, hard floor, I decided to get up and fight the monster. So much for me finding 'it, because 'IT' found ME! It came closer, and closer, and closer until it tried to grab me. Luckily, I managed to dodge it and he stumbled into the electrical fence. Moments later, he disappeared into smoke... purple smoke. Suddenly I disappeared into the vortex, but this time, I got thrown into the safety of my bed... Was it a dream?"

Ethan Dickenson - Year 5




During English lessons we have been writing a diary entry from the viewpoint of Howard Carter. We learnt lots about him and his discovery of Tutankhamun's Tomb.

"Dear Diary,

I, Howard Carter, have found Tutankhamun's tomb, on the 26th November 1922 in Egypt! I found Tutankhamun's tomb so I will be known and have world wide glory!

As my workers and I got closer to Tutankhamun's tomb, I felt to enthusiastic and proud at the same time. As I made a hole in the wall and peeredin. WOW! Frozen like a stone statue I couldn't speak! Gold, mythical, spooky, super statues and animals. Then I inserted a candle that was as hot as the sun. Before that I made the hole wider. Finally Tutankhamun's tomb was there I removed the sarcophagus. What? There's another! 3rd time lucky, hurray, I found it!"

Sally Shaw - Year 5.




"We are game developers"

Year 5 have been very excited about our computing lessons this half term. We have been developing a game using the Scratch program. We started by looking at our favourite computer games (even ones we can play on our phones!) and looked at the common features of each game, after that we designed our own. We used the common features as a success criteria to help us decide if our game would be successful.



Below is the link for Scratch online. Year 5 - why not visit the website and show an adult what fantastic work you have been doing? You will need to click on 'Create' at the top of the page on the Scratch website.