As you are aware, we have been using ParentPay, our online system, more and more to enable you to pay for school trips, dinners etc online. We have had really positive feedback from parents, so we have now decided to add uniform orders to ParentPay.


Summer Uniform Order

We usually do a big uniform order in the summer and this is still the case. If you would like to order uniform ready for September, please log on to ParentPay between Monday 19th June and Friday 14th July. When you click on the ‘Payment Items’ tab, you will see the different items of uniform on there. Each size of jumper/cardigan etc is a separate payment item, so please ensure that you click on the correct one to order. The system will then give you the facility to choose how many of each individual item you would like to order. You can then proceed to payment as usual.


The uniform will be available to collect before the children start back at school in September. We will notify you of the exact date before we break up for Summer.  We cannot guarantee that any orders received after Friday 14th July will be available for collected before the children start back in September, so it is really important that you order on time.


Individual Uniform Orders

Going forward, you will no longer be able to purchase uniform using cash or cheque at the school office – all orders will need to be made using ParentPay. Any orders made by 2pm on a Wednesday will be given to your child to bring home on a Thursday.


If you are ordering uniform before the Summer and need it straight away, please order as per the instructions in the ‘Summer Uniform Order’ above but contact the school office and Mrs Walker or Miss Argo will arrange collection of the items with you.


If you do not have the facility to use the internet and therefore cannot access ParentPay, or haven’t yet logged in to ParentPay and need a reminder of your individual Username and Password, please contact the school office and we can discuss this in more detail with you.


Please see below our current uniform list, together with a list of current prices. The prices will be clear on ParentPay so you won’t need to enter any monetary amounts on there – you will just need to make sure that you have ordered the correct amount of each item


Current Uniform List


Elastic Tie             £3.50                                                          Book Bag with School Logo £4.50

Tie (non-elastic)    £3.50                                                          PE Bag with School Logo  £4.50


Jumper with School Logo                                                Cardigan with School Logo

Age 3-4 (24”)        £13                                                          Age 3-4 (24”)        £14

Age 5-6 (26”)        £13                                                          Age 5-6 (26”)        £14

Age 7-8 (28”)        £13                                                          Age 7-8 (28”)        £14

Age 9-10 (30”)      £13                                                          Age 9-10 (30”)      £14

Age 11-12 (32”)      £13                                                        Age 11-12 (32”)      £14

Age 13-14 (34”)     £14                                                         Age 13-14 (34”)     £15

Age 15-16 (36”)     £14                                                         Age 15-16 (36”)     £15

Age 16-17 (38”)     £14                                                         Age 16-17 (38”)     £15



White PE t-shirt with School Logo

Age 3-4 (24”)        £4.50

Age 5-6 (26”)        £4.50

Age 7-8 (28”)        £4.50

Age 9-10 (30”)      £4.50

Age 11-12 (32”)      £4.50

Age 13-14 (34”)     £4.50

Adult Small            £4.50


A coat with the school logo is also available. The sizes are as above and all sizes are priced at £18.