School Council

Every year, 2 representatives from each class from Year 2 to Year 6 are chosen to be part of our School Council. Being part of the School Council means that these children are the voice of their classmates and help Mrs Jenkinson and other staff members in making decisions such as how money raised in school through donations should be spent.


Being part of the School Council is an important role and one that the children really enjoy and take very seriously. 


Our School Council representatives for this school year are:

School Council


Year 2 (Miss Whitley's class) - Caitlin and Ethan

Year 2 (Miss Dunn's class) - Hannah and Edward

Year 3/4 (Mrs Billam & Mrs Laycock's class) - Ellie and Joshua

Year 3/4 (Miss Hinton's class) - Emma and Oliver

Year 5 - Poppy and Elliot

Year 6 - Kate and Max

Here are some words that these children used to explain how they feel about being part of the School Council and about what the meetings are like. 

Proud    Smart    Exhillerating    Rambunctious

         Thrilling    Exciting    Amazing    

          Respected     Responsibility