Welcome to our science page.

This page will keep you informed about the fantastic science we do here at Bawtry Mayflower.


Science Week November 2017

 This week is our first Science Week and our focus is "Materials".

As well as a week of investigation and fun science related activities, we are also having a Science Fair for children and parents after school AND welcoming back Dave from Magna with his "Kitchen Sink Science Workshops"!

Science Fair 8th November 2018

Do you want to be a scientist? Why not try our experiments and investigations at home?

Simply download one of the investigation leaflets below and have a go!


We would love to know how your investigations go. Take a photo and send it to the school office by email and we'll do our best to share it here. 

Boogie Gloop.docxDownload
Catch a rainbow.docxDownload
density experiment.docxDownload
make your own compass.docxDownload
Pop a balloon.docxDownload
vegetable power.docxDownload
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